The Naked World

Book 2 of the Jubilee Cycle trilogy.

In a world stripped bare of digital images and promotainment, unveiled with the audiovisual overlay of the ImmaNet, in an exposed world, a naked world, Amon Kenzaki awakens, lost and alone. He must now travel deep into the District of Dreams in search of Rashana Birla, the one person that might help him unravel the mystery of jubilee. But deprived of the apps and informational tools he’s depended on his entire life, traversing the largest bankdeath camp on Earth is no easy task.
Inside an ephemeral labyrinth of slowly-dissolving disposable skyscrapers clogged to the limit with the bankdead masses, Amon soon finds himself face to face with two dangerous groups… More.

Cash Crash Jubilee

Debut novel by Eli K.P. William, book one of the Jubilee Cycle trilogy.

In a near future Tokyo, every action is intellectual property owned by corporations who charge licensing fees. Amon Kenzaki is a Liquidator. His job is to capture bankrupt citizens, disconnect them from the economy and banish them to bankdeath camps. where they are forever cut off from the action-transaction economy. Amon always plays by the rules and is steadily climbing the Liquidation Ministry ladder.
With his savings accumulating and another promotion coming everything seems to be going well, until he is asked to cash crash a charismatic politician and model citizen, and soon after is charged for an incredibly expensive action called “jubilee” that he is sure he never performed. To restore balance to his account, Amon must… More.